Friday, July 3, 2020

Technical Talk on Municipal Solid Waste(MSW)- Waste to Energy (WtE) Plant

Date                               :  25 July 2020 (Saturday)
Time                               :  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Venue                             :  The IEM Miri Branch Office (Mega Hotel)
BEM Approved Hours       :   2 CPD hours
Speakers                        :   Ir Tian Fung Wang

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MSW generated from human being daily activities. It was keep increasing resulted from the increase of population, wealth and changing of lifestyle. This is a side effect of Urbanization or something that we have scarified in pursuing “DEVELOPMENT”.
Currently, Malaysia is adopting Landfill method in treating MSW. All the MSW was gathered at a specific dedicated location and landfilled. As per the guidelines, landfill area shall be properly selected which mean far from underground water stream to minimize the possibility of polluting our water source. Further to that, it shall be constructed with proper liner to avoid leakage of Leachate Water (water generated from waste) into surrounding soil or water stream.

Since MSW keep increasing every day, accumulated landfill area will also keep expanding. Despite the environmental issue, the scarcity of land had becoming a challenge to many local authorities whereas new waste is increasing but existing landfill was full. Overloading the landfill may cause additional pressure to the liner and puncture it allowing leachate water to seep into underground soil. Too much overloading of landfill may cause landslide as well. This has been happen in some country but fortunately, it had yet to happen in Malaysia.

Due to the above landfill issue, most of the developed countries had adopted MSW WtE technology in treating increasing MSW. With this technology, the landfill lifespan can be extended more than 6 times which mean if landfill was designed for 5 years originally can last for at least 30years after adopting WtE technology.

WtE is one of the thermal decomposition methods in treating municipal solid waste. At 850 – 1000oC, waste gone through chemical reaction and oxidized at the same time releasing heat while left unburned residual as ashes. Heat released was then used for power generation.

The objective of this talk is to provide some in sight view of Waste to Energy and discuss about its Pros.& Cons. from technical aspect.

Speakers’ Profile
IR. Tian Fung Wang

Ir. Tian Fung Wang is an experienced and qualified Professional Engineer with over 16 years of experience in Power Plant construction, commissioning and operation. He has vast experience in the construction of Waste to Energy plant. He was the Technical & Project Director in charge of the construction of Indonesia 1st 750TPD BOT (Build Operate & Transfer) Waste to Energy Plant at Surabaya. Prior to that, he had completed construction and commissioning of Malaysia 1st 100TPD Hazardous Waste to Energy Plant at Negeri Sembilan and Thailand 1st 700TPD BOT Waste to Energy Plant at Phuket.Currently, he is the Principal Consultant of iTAKE Solutions Sdn. Bhd. exploring new way of managing waste in Palm Oil Mill industry and implementing it economically.

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