Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Festival of BIM and Digital Construction (6 May till 10 July 2020): Webinars and Virtual Events

04 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (4.00pm UK Time / 11.00am Eastern Daylight / 11.00pm Singapore Standard Time / 1.00am Australian Eastern Standard [June 5th])
    Presentation: What is Reality Capture and Why is It Used for Collecting as-built Information?
    • Why aren’t all construction sites scanned?
    • 3 obstacles:
    1.  Selecting the right tool for the right job
    2.  The cumbersome nature of the point cloud
    3.  Placing as-built information in the hands of the project team at the right time
    Speaker: Steve Salmon, General Manager, Pointfuse

    Panel Discussion: Removing 3 Key Obstacles to Enable the Effective Use of Reality Capture in Digital Construction
    • How to overcome these obstacles, through the exploration of real-world examples from a leading AEC project bureau and a global technology solutions provider. 
    Steve Salmon, General Manager, Pointfuse
    Will Tompkinson, Manager, North America, Pointfuse
    Dennis Dixon, Senior BIM Manager, WZMH Architects 
    Michael James, Director of Building Construction Solutions US/CAN, Leica Geosystems
    About the speakers:
05 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (8.00am UK Time / 3.00am Eastern Daylight / 3.00pm Singapore Standard Time / 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard)
    Presentation: Creating a Geospatially-Enabled Information Ecosystem
    • Understanding what we need to do to ensure Geomatics, Survey, Geospatial, GIS, CAD, BIM can work in together collaborating in parallel and converge where needed
    • We discuss Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) and Common Data Environments (CDEs) and how these work together
    • We look at both technical, cultural and professional challenges.
    • We will examine some of the common challenges and ways round these in the short and long term
    • Places to read more and look at the latest thought leadership will also be shared

    Speaker: Steven Eglinton, Global Tutor and Speaker, Director of BimEnable & GeoEnable, Principal Tutor in BIM, Institution of Civil Engineers

    Presentation: Championing Digital Leaders from Within Your Firm 
    Speaker: Ir. Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management, Gamuda
    About the Speakers:
09 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (2.30pm UK Time / 9.30am Eastern Daylight / 9.30pm Singapore Standard Time)
    Panel Discussion: How Technology is Bringing the Construction Site into the Digital Age
    • Challenges faced bringing technology onto construction sites
    • Breakthrough technology that is changing the game
    • How technology used on sites has a knock-on effect offsite
    • Future developments that will change how construction sites work

    Moderator: Steven Eglinton, Global Tutor and Speaker, Director of BimEnable & GeoEnable, Principal Tutor in BIM, Institution of Civil Engineers
    Nick Marsh, Country Manager for the UK, PlanRadar Ltd
    Colin Smith, Director of PlanRadar Ltd
    Richard Waterhouse, Chief Strategy Officer, NBS

    Information Management and Data Analytics in the AEC industry
    Speaker: Ashwini Jain, Managing Consultant, Arcadis
10 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (4.30pm UK Time / 11.30am Eastern Daylight / 11.30pm Singapore Standard Time/ 1.30am Australian Eastern Standard [11th June)
    Panel Discussion: The Next Technology Evolution in Prefabrication and Modular Construction
    • How automation has enhanced efficiencies in overall productivity, specifically in modular construction
    • The impacts of digital templating versus typical methods in prefabrication and modular construction
    • How robotic welding has been adopted and the QA/QC methods companies are using to ensure quality
    • How fixturing enhances productivity and reduces worker injury during the welding of piping/steel
    • Where construction technology will be five years from now?

    Brent Slawnikowski, Business Development, FARO Technologies, Inc.
    Chris Rausch, PhD Candidate, EEDF Fellow | Mitacs Accelerate, Edge Architects
    Todd Bennett, Senior Application Engineer, Bluco
    Dan Heidel, Project Manager, Ted Mannstedt & Son Inc.
11 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (5.00pm UK Time [June 11th] / 12.00pm Eastern Daylight [June 11th/ 12.00am Singapore Standard Time [June 12th])
    Presentation: Looking Back and Planning Ahead: What the Construction Industry Needs to Thrive 
    • Analysis of the main impacts on the industry in the past year or so
    • Key learnings: what companies need to take on board
    Speaker: Osama Abdelfatah, Senior Controls Lead for the LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment Program, AECOM

    Panel Discussion: Trends to Follow in 2021
    • Assessment of the industry’s present state
    • Emerging trends set to impact the industry (BIM and prefabrication, mobile technologies onsite, rapid emergence of 3D scanning, drones, and augmented reality) and the changing nature of today’s personnel
    • The vast potential for improving productivity and efficiency using digitization and innovative technologies
    Ian Peter Atkins, BIM Manager, Populous
    AJ Waters, Director of Industry Solutions, InEight
    Alejandro Mata, Automation Manager, Ramboll Denmark
    Himani Shah, BIM Implementation Manager, CallisonRTKL
    About the Speakers: 
12 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins

    (4.30pm UK Time / 11.30am Eastern Daylight / 11.30pm Singapore Standard / 11.30pm Australian Eastern Standard)
    Presentation: Accelerating Your Digital Journey with Generative Construction in ALICE
    The evolution of technology and growth of the construction industry has resulted in advances in construction scheduling. ALICE is the world's first generative construction simulation platform that allows firms to use project constraints to quickly generate schedules and make data-driven decisions.  ALICE provides the opportunity for teams to explore different construction strategies during the bidding and pre-construction phases.  Once construction begins, ALICE can help teams react to changing variables like crew and equipment availability within minutes.  
    Parsons has leveraged ALICE to realize savings on a large transportation project where they shortened the schedule by using an ALICE simulation to work with their subcontractors to find a different path forward. 
    Come learn how your projects can benefit from ALICE.
    Rene Morkos - Founder & CEO, ALICE Technologies  
    Ifan Williams - Senior Projects Control Scheduling Manager, Parsons Corporation
15 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    Presentation: openBIM & Standards Global Adoption
    • The importance of having unified standards, methods, and procedures worldwide.
    • Why it is important to adopt international ISO standards and not local standards.
    • The relation between designers, contractors, suppliers and owners.
    • The importance of IFC, BCF, & COBie in international standardization.
    • How buildingSMART allowed interoperability with IFC and why it is essential to follow their path
    Speaker: Mahmoud Charif, Bsc(Arch), BIM Manager & Senior Architect, Bluehaus Group

    Presentation: How to Manage a 4.3 Billion Dollar BIM Project
    Speaker: Tony Michel Zekry, BIM Manager, Limak

  2.  60 mins
    (3.00pm UK Time / 10.00am Eastern Daylight / 10.00pm Singapore Standard Time / 0.00am Australian Eastern Standard [June 16th])
    Presentation: DaaS is a Powerful Platform to Run All Your (Graphics) Workloads on-premise, in the Cloud or Hybrid
    Come join us in this session and you will learn about the unique Nutanix Xi Frame use-cases and learn how end-users use Frame in simple and complex customer environments. You’ll see how easy it is to deliver applications on any device using an HTML5 browser for customers in Education, Design, Architecture, Engineering and Construction organizations, and more.
    It will be an awesome and demo packed session!
    Speaker: Maurice van den Berg, EMEA Business Development Manager Xi Frame - Nutanix

    Presentation TBA
16 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (2.00pm UK Time / 9.00am Eastern Daylight / 9.00pm Singapore Standard Time)
    Presentation: VR 101; How and Why Architects Should Be Using VR
    • Brief Introduction to maber architects
    • Introduction into VR basics; what it is, and more importantly isn't
    • How we can access / share VR experiences effectively
    • Differences between AR and VR
    • Benefits to designers, clients and consultants of using VR for architectural design
    • How could VR be used as a formal verification tool for planning and Building Control?
    Speaker: Josh Chrystal, BIM Manager, Maber

    Presentation BIM Workflow for Commissioning Project Delivery
    • Traditional commissioning process and delivery overview
    • Digital commissioning process and delivery with BIM
    • Future of commissioning process and project delivery w
    Speaker: Jan Wei, Senior Associate, Stantec
    About the Speakers:
17 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (4.30pm UK Time / 11.30am Eastern Daylight / 11.30pm Singapore Standard Time/ 1.30am Australian Eastern Standard [18th June])
    Panel Discussion: Deploying Robots for Continuous Construction Monitoring
    • Learn about different types of robots being used for monitoring construction
    • Learn about different deployments of robots for monitoring
    • Get ideas of how robots may be used for monitoring in the future
    Rob Miller, Director of Business Development, FARO Technologies, Inc.
    Ryan Fluckiger, Integrated Construction Coordinator, Mortenson
    Steve Baret, Sr. Integrated Construction Coordinator, Mortenson
    Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO,
    About the speakers:
18 Jun 2020
  1.  480 mins
    (8.00am UK Time / 3.00am Eastern Daylight / 3.00pm Singapore Standard Time)
    Presentation: Digital Transformation Market Update - Why Digital Transformation Efforts Are Failing and How to Fix It
    • Firms across the globe are racing to digitalise their processes and workflows to compete in a rapidly changing industry
    • Details from a recent survey from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in the UK provide insights into where companies are struggling and where they are succeeding 
    • Meanwhile firms face mounting pressure from tight margins, shorter project schedules, and an aging workforce all in the shadow of an impending global recession
    • Despite cultural challenges, technical complexities, and limited resources digitalisation leaders are finding creative ways to make progress on initiatives and deliver quick wins for their firms
    Joe Williams, VP Global Industry Insights, Bluebeam
    About the Speakers:
  2.  60 mins
    (3.30pm UK Time / 10.30am Eastern Daylight / 10.30pm Singapore Standard Time/ 12.30am Australian Eastern Standard [19th June])
    Panel Discussion: Forecasting in Times of Uncertainty – WIP Your Cash Flows into Shape
    • Assessment of industry challenges & rapidly changing conditions
    • Identifying & mitigating barriers to cash flow forecasting
    • Keys to adopting multidimensional forecasts for granular insights
    • Technology trends to monitor KPI’s
    • The importance of collaboration & streamlined data across the whole organization

    Eric Newton, Director of Construction at Prophix Software
    Brittany Hess, Senior Financial Analyst at Superior Construction

    Presentation TBA
    About the Speakers: 
19 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (1.30am UK Time / 08.30pm Eastern Daylight / 8.30am Singapore Standard Time/ 10.30am Australian Eastern Standard)
    Panel Discussion: Data and Decision Making - Construction Analytics
    Scott Polsen: Managing Director, BenMax
    Jason Ramsey: Director Product, Reporting & Analytics, Procore Technologies
    Aaron Lober: Senior Marketing Manager at Procore Technologies

22 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (4.00pm UK Time / 11.00am Eastern Daylight / 11.00pm Singapore Standard Time / 1.00am Australian Eastern Standard)
    Panel Discussion: BIM Empowered Use of Digital Twins - How the Structured Performance Data in BIM Can Be Leveraged for Optimizing the Actual Performance in the Physical Environment
    Moderator: David Williams, Smart Places and Real Estate Industry Lead, Microsoft
    Salla Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services, Microsoft

    Presentation TBA
23 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (1.00am UK Time / 8.00pm Eastern Daylight / 8.00am Singapore Standard Time)
    Panel Discussion: The Digitalisation of the Built Environment
    • Access to ground-breaking technology is becoming relatively easier and cheaper: Reality Capture Scanners, AR/VR/MR devices
    • Integration between Reality capture, BIM and GIS (some examples)
    • Connection between Micro(individual property) & Macro (City wide landscape) scales
    • Value & Utilization of underlying data
    • Food for thought: how can we democratize the information capture so its easily accessible to the general public
    David Philp, Global BIM/MIC Consultancy Director - AECOM
    Andrey Kumskov, BIM Manager, VTB Realty
    Brad Shales, Studio BIM Manager, Nettletontribe
    Jonny Breen, Digital Principle, Context Architects

    Presentation: Using BIM to De-risk and Improve Project Lifecycle Management
    • Digital Transformation and BIM
    • Project Goals and Challenges
    • Project Lifecycle Management
    • Common Data Environment
    • BIM Supporting Documents

    Speaker: Holger De Groot, National Director of BIM, HDR
    About the Speakers:
  2.  60 mins
    (4.30pm UK Time / 11.30am Eastern Daylight / 11.30pm Singapore Standard Time / 1.30am Australian Eastern Standard [June 24th])
    Panel Discussion: 360° Photo Capture Best Practices for Construction Progress Management in a Post-COVID-19 World
    • Implementing best practices around 360° photo capture for Construction Progress Management
    • Enabling remote site access for stakeholders who are not in the field
    • Leveraging reality capture in combination with BIM Models to compare actuals vs. plans and navigate the model through 360° photos
    • Creating solid progress record for claim and dispute resolution in a fraction of the time traditional capture formats require

    Christian Claus, CMO and Head of Partnerships, HoloBuilder

    Erik Sanford, Director of VDC/BIM, Dimeo Construction Company
    Allison Yanites, Immersive Technology Lead, Arcadis

    Presentation: TBC
24 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (5.00pm UK Time [June 24th] / 12.00pm Eastern Daylight [June 24th/ 12.00am Singapore Standard Time [June 25th])
    Panel Discussion: Embracing the Upfront Costs of Technology
    Shaylyn Cullen, President, Cullen Construction Management
    Kasie Mathena, Vice President, AECOM Hunt
    Danielle Tillman, Managing Director, BKL
    Amy Mayer, Vice President, Related Midwest
    Kathleen VonDerHaar, Senior VDC Engineer, Lendlease

    Presentation: The Impact of 3D Printing
    • How is 3D printing already being used by tech-savvy contractors/designers
    • What are the future applications of 3D Printing on the construction/design industry
    About the Speakers:
25 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (8.00am UK Time / 3.00am Eastern Daylight / 3.00pm Singapore Standard Time) 
    Presentation: Digital Construction Journey and Responding to the Change for Smart Cities
    • Construction is about creating living spaces
    • Cities brief history and the new demand
    • Smart cities principles and Architecture
    • Customer experience in smart cities
    • Digital circular economy for smart cities
    • Horizons for Digital construction strategy
    Speaker: Nohman Awan, Digital Construction Lead, Balfour Beatty

    Presentation: Protecting Your Assets: Future Proofing Against Cyber Attacks
    • With the increase in digital construction, cyber attacks are on the rise - How can companies and their workers protect against cyber attacks (best practices)
    About the Speakers:
29 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (3.00pm UK Time / 10.00am Eastern Daylight / 10.00pm Singapore Standard Time / 0.00am Australian Eastern Standard [June 30th])
    Panel Discussion: Can BIM/AI Collaborate Together to Reinvent Project Controls
    Moderator:  Aviv Leibovici, CPO & Co Founder,  Buildots
    Colin Westpfel, Head of Design, Balfour Beatty UKCS London
    Alan Bunting, Head of Development Delivery, British Land

    Presentation: Breaking Down Technology Silo's to Deliver Value in Product
    Speaker: Hamza Sebbata, BIM Manager, Valode & Pistre
30 Jun 2020
  1.  60 mins
    (3.00pm UK Time / 10.00am Eastern Daylight / 10.00pm Singapore Standard Time)
    Presentation: Integrating BIM and GIS for Smart Infrastructure
      • Cultural and Technical Challenges within AEC-What are the problems
      • How can digital assist: Overview & Comparison of BIM-GIS, Scope, Applications, etc
      • Development of integrated solutions
      • examples of practical implementations of BIM and GIS in one of the largest infra projects in Europe (Health & Safety, Surveying, Design, Planning, Utilities) 
      • Benefits Realisation & maximize data value & improved Asset Management 
      • Use of an integrated environment to democratise vast amount of information 
      • Fit to the concept of Digital Twins
      Speaker: George Floros, Senior GIS Data Specialist, STRABAG AG-UK

      Presentation: The Role of Information Management for As-built Production
      • Introduction to as-built production for project handover requirements
      • Traditional as-built production methods on typical projects and issues associated with this
      • Digital approach to as-built production and challenges to overcome for a streamlined approach
      Speaker: Anita Soni, BIM Manager, Skanska Infrastructure UK

      About the Speakers: 
    01 Jul 2020
    1.  -360 mins
      (6.00pm UK Time / 1.00pm Eastern Daylight / 1.00am Singapore Standard Time [July 2nd]/ 3.00am Australian Eastern Standard [July 2nd])

      Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Barriers to Using Dynamo
      • In this panel discussion, we will explore how Dynamo can help to manage and populate content for massive projects such as airports
      • Learn how Dynamo can help design and fabrication teams
      • Explain how Dynamo can be used to help automate tasks in infrastructure
      • Review Dynamo scripts that have been created by one of our very own panelists that help aid in architecture and engineering
      • Join this group of industry professionals and experts as we dive into Dynamo

      David Campbell, Application Specialist, Topcon Solutions Store
      Joseph Whitney, Regional Account Executive, Topcon Solutions Store
      Flora Liu, Studio Lead, VIAtechnik
      Rob Sinclair, Corporate Design Technology Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC)
      Travis Williams, BIM Manager, Gensler
      Jacob Mock, CADD/BIM Manager, VECA Electric & Technologies

      Presentation: TBA

    02 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      (3.00pm UK Time / 10.00am Eastern Daylight / 10.00pm Singapore Standard Time)
      Presentation: Advanced Surveying and Adaption into BIM
      • Exploring the latest techniques of survey capture and translation into asset information for design 
      • Learn how by adapting survey information we can safeguard for the future our most valued historic building
      • Explaining the principles of capture and conversion into modelled information including linked photography 
      • Learn how visualising a design is speeding up the design process for restoration works
      Speaker: Dan Hoogeveen, Head of Digital and Design Technology, Purcell

      Panel Discussion: Archviz in Your Daily Workflows: Using the Enscape Real-time Rendering Solution to Boost Collaboration in Any Situation
      • The field of architectural visualization has come a long way. What was once a vey time consuming and cost-intensive process that only larger firms could afford has now become more accessible thanks to real-time rendering.
      • Real-time rendering with Enscape is a gamechanger as it allows the process of planning and designing on CAD modelling tools to occur at the same time as visualizing 3D walkthroughs. Whether you’re an architect, construction worker, or client, everyone can experience the project as if it was already built. This concept allows all project members to get a deeper understanding of the design phases and provides a more efficient way of working collaboratively.
      • In this panel discussion, we’ll explore the different approaches of how Enscape is helping AEC companies today in dealing with the realities of COVID-19, from remote collaboration to the impact on essential workers.
      • Join this group of AEC experts and take away new ideas of how collaboration looks like in times of crisis. We’ll showcase creative rendering and collaboration use cases that will leave you motivated and inspired.
      Matt McMullen, Executive Director of The Art of Construction, Enscape
      James Lancaster, Associate Principal, Overland Partners Architecture & Urban Design
      Fabio Roberti, Associate / Head of BIM, WilkinsonEyre
      Chitwan Saluja, Digital Delivery Manager, Jacobs Engineering
      Ian Peter Atkins, BIM Manager, Populous
      About the Speakers:
    07 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      (2.00pm UK Time / 9.00am Eastern Daylight / 9.00pm Singapore Standard Time)
      Panel Discussion: Let's Talk Legal Aspects of BIM 
      May Winfield, Associate Director, BuroHappold Engineering 
      About the Speakers:
    09 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      (5.00pm UK Time [July 9th] / 12.00pm Eastern Daylight [July 9th / 12.00am Singapore Standard Time [July 10th])
      Presentation: Maximizing on BIM Benefits and Improving the Construction Industry Through Procurement Processes
    13 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      Details, dates and times to be confirmed

    14 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      Details, dates and times to be confirmed

    2.  60 mins
      Details, dates and times to be confirmed

    3.  60 mins
      Details, dates and times to be confirmed

    15 Jul 2020
    1.  60 mins
      Details, dates and times to be confirmed