Tuesday, April 14, 2020

AEI-EI WEBINAR "COVID-19:From ASEAN Electrical Engineers Prespective"

Dear IEM Members,

The AEI-EI (ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate-Electrical Installation) is holding a series of Webinar.The First of the series is "COVID-19: From ASEAN Electrical Engineers Perspective". This Webinar will be held on 17 April 2020 @5PM MYT. 

"As People around the world slumped into an unstoppable pandemic called COVID-19 which brought devastation to mankind and like the dark cloud hovering every corner of the brightest sky we can only imagine the calamity of pain, distress and suffering that one needs to endure. Yet, we will not give up, will pull every inch of bonds in our bodies and fight to resist this deadly virus till the very end.

With this in mind, our AEI-EI team put forward a SERIES of WEBINAR and PANEL SPEAKERS who will share the expert opinion and credible information on ASEAN Electrical Engineers perspective battling COVID-19. Participants will be treated to an interactive webinar session with our experts and moderators, that will be a beneficial factor and will create a fantastic dialogue atmosphere. "

The Information of of AEI-EI Panel Speakers is show as below:

Webinar Guideline
- Session will go on for 2 hours from 5pm to 7pm.
- 30 mins allocated for Speakers.
- 30 mins allocated to answer any questions.
- Question can be typed on Chat menu at the Control Panel.
- Question shall be entertained at the end of the session.

If you are interest, please email us with the following detail to valli@iem.org.my to recieve the webinar link.


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