Friday, June 21, 2013

BEM Mandatory Course on CODE OF ETHICS/REGULATIONS - 22 & 23 July 2013 – IEM Miri

(Note: Dates may be subject to change)

Organized by:

Board of Engineers, Malaysia
IEM Training Centre Sdn. Bhd.           

This programme is specially designed in respect to the Code of Ethics in which engineers have to oblige.  This is to ensure that the Engineering Professionalism in our country is enhanced and as competent as that of their counterpart globally.  This programme will critically explain the role of engineers in facing crucial situation at their workplace. 
Besides that, the programme will also touch on the most appropriate way of dealing with difficult scenario that arise at workplace which may have some conflicts of engineering ethical.  Since the conflict of interests between organization and engineers varies from one to another, cases and facts from real job situation will be highlighted and discussed, which covers six elements of engineering aspects.

To promote awareness of engineers’ code of ethics at the workplace.
To highlight responsibilities of engineers towards their organization and community.
To provide guidance on code of ethics to engineers in their respective branch of engineering.
To expose the importance of environmental preservation in any projects undertaken.
To create understanding of the need to adhere to Ethics.
To inform the importance of Ethics for Professionals.
To highlight the expectations of Public and Society towards Engineering Professionalism
  Completed Registration Form & Payment are to be sent direct to:
                   IEM Training Centre Sdn. Bhd.