Monday, April 15, 2013

IEM Miri Branch Annual General Meeting 2012

IEM Miri Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2012 was held at Mega Hotel on the 2nd March 2013.  This is the first time that the Miri Branch’s AGM was held in March instead of Nov of the same year due to the adoption of our new Branch rules.  The get together started off with an early lunch before Chairman, Ir Goh Soon Boon, called the meeting to order and extending a warm welcome.

Per the annual reports presented at the meeting, it was another good year for the Branch where membership increased to 372 as of 21st Jan 2013 and many events were organized in furtherance of IEM’s mission. Similarly our financial position improved during the year from that of 2011. However, just to remind ourselves that it is not without challenges, some 60 Branch members have their membership suspended due to annual subscription arrears.  The Chairman also took the opportunity to thank members of the immediate past Branch executive committee especially those who were retiring as well as the Miri YES committee who had all served with great dedication.  

The line up of the 2013 session of the Miri Branch Executive committee are as follows:

Chairman:                                      Ir Goh Soon Boon,
Immediate Past Chairman:              Ir Peter Ting Kang Ngii
Vice Chairman I:                            Ir Molly Sim Lim Hong
Vice Chairman II:                           Ir Kiu Kwong Chiang
Hon. Secretary:                              Ir Paul Chiew Lik Ing
Hon. Treasurer:                              Ir Liew Siaw San
General member:                            Ir Lim Chye Ing
General member:                            Ir Ting Nik Kiat
General member:                            Ir Dr Liew Kuo Fung
General member:                            Ir Leon Chong Siew Leung

One subject that have been a favourite during our annual Branch gatherings is that of our dream of having our own Branch building and premises such as the one in KK and the one already approved for Kuching.  Ir Peter Ting shared his efforts in progressing this dream during the year although admittedly many challenges remain. There was a lively sharing and exchange of thoughts.  It is hoped that among these some might land on fertile ground. 

The AGM had been a great success particularly in bringing together many a Miri engineers over a good Saturday’s lunch.  

Reported by Ir Paul Chiew