Monday, April 15, 2013

IEM Miri 2013 Chinese New Year Visits

On the 11th Feb 2013, the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year of the snake, IEM Miri represented by Chairman and this reporter went on a traditional visiting round to the houses of the VIPs in town in response to their invitations and to thank them for their support for IEM Miri through the years. First call was at the house of YB Dato Seri Peter Chin who had earlier in 2012 hosted an IEM Miri delegation on a technical visit to his ministry in Putrajaya and who had earlier still graced the annual IEM Miri dinner 2011. It was a pretty busy and noisy occasion as befitting a CNY celebration welcoming among others YAB the Chief Minister of Sarawak with the usual Lion dance. Then we dropped by the house of YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin followed by a call on Datuk Sebastian Ting, Political secretary to the minister of water, energy and green technology. Weather started out fine but began to pour for a wee while just when we were finishing our round. That was just as well as the rain refreshed the day readying for another good year.

Reported by: Ir Paul Chiew