Sunday, September 23, 2012

IEM-YES 4th Annual Build & Break Competition 2012

Group Photo
Champion Team from Dato Permaisuri Miri
 The Build and Break Competition was held on the 22nd of September organized by The Institution of Engineer, Malaysia- Young Engineers Section (IEM-YES). It is a yearly affair where the upper secondary school students will design and build a structure which would then be put to the test to see whose design is better and well-built. This event is also to promote good communication skills, time management, problem solving skills and also good planning, all of which are important skills that engineers should foster. 
The theme for this year is to build a water tower tank with only 60 satay sticks and a roll of masking tape, all in only three hours. There were 11 teams from 6 local schools participating this year which includes SM Sains, SMK Dato Permaisuri, Kolej Tun Haji Bujang, Pei Min Middle School, SMK Lutong and SMK St. Joseph. Teams were judged based on their design esthetics, drawings, team presentations and also their structure’s weight to load ratio.

Team Dato Permaisuri 1 of SMK Dato Permaisuri emerged as the champion team, with their structure withstanding an impressive 11kgs before failing. The 1st runner-up went to team Arka Teks of Kolej Tun Haji Bujang while team Nutrino of SMK Lutong nabbed the 2nd runner-up position.

IEM Mri Branch Chairman giving his opening speech
YES Miri Branch Imm. Past Chairman explaining the model's common fail points
Participants hard at work
Reported by, Engr. Michelle Ling